Thursday, 9 January 2020

7 Untold Signs That He Wants a Long-Term Relationship

Dating in this generation can be really hard and stressful because you can’t really tell ASAP who is in for real or if he is just there for a hookup.  And there is nothing worse than realizing that you are the only one who cares and in the end, you are just abandoned—the hard work and effort you put in the relationship was unappreciated.

Today, I will tell you some important signs that show that he wants a long-term relationship. These signs will help you know the next step to take.

He tries to get to know you better
A guy who really wants a long-term affair with a girl will move out of his comfort zone to know so many things about the girl. If he does this, it is a milestone.

He doesn’t hide anything about himself
Another milestone that can also be a sign is the fact that he reaches your heart with the information you need to know about him. And he does this to your very satisfaction. Though virtually every guy does this, even those who want a hookup, the way a guy who wants a long-term affair does it is different from others.

He introduces to his friends
Let’s be honest; if a guy introduces to his friends, then understand that there is something more he wants with you—not just a hookup. And another thing that can tell for sure that he wants a long-term relationship with you. What is that?

He introduces you to his family
Again, let’s be honest; the first people a guy introduces his mate to are his friends; not family. Then, he will be comfortable to do that to his family. Girl, if a guy introduces you to his family, please don’t take him for granted. He wants more than just a few months' relationship.

He is willing to go see your parents?
A guy who wants to see your parents is on a long-term trip with you. Even if you hesitate that he doesn’t need to see your parents, he pressures you to do that. This, no doubt, is a sure sign that he really loves you.

He goes out of his way to spend time with you
True, every being is busy these days. But if a guy really wants a long-term relationship with you, he will do his utmost to spend quality time with you, undermining anything.

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He doesn’t ALWAYS talk about sex
If your guy is that kind of person who doesn’t often talk about having sex all the time, then be rest assured that he wants a long-term relationship. Guys who always talk about sex are those who want a hookup and in the end, they leave.

He never ignores your texts even though he is busy
One thing you ought to know is that people can get busy because that is how life works nowadays. But does it really take anything from the life of someone if he takes just a few seconds, not even minutes, to reply to your texts? So if he takes a few seconds to reply to your messages, it means he is just in for a long-term affair.

He does not pressures you into anything
Another sign is that this guy doesn’t ask you to do anything that is out of your way just to satisfy his selfish desires. For example, if he doesn’t force to sleep with him right away or kiss him, making you let things happen at your own pace, then he really wants something more than just a hookup.


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