Tuesday, 7 January 2020

4 Clothing Mistakes That Can Complicate Your Life

Even with years dressing up ourselves and everything, there are certain situations when we make some clothing errors which not only make us uncomfortable and miserable all day but can be bad for our health in the long run.

Here are some of the common clothing mistakes we all make and the way out of them.

Halter neck tops
Clothes that will require tying around the neck might just prove harmful for your health if you’re not wearing them the right way. Tie the straps firmly around your neck so your shirt remains on but not so tight that it strains your neck.

Forcing yourself into tight pants
If you can fit two fingers between the fabric and your hips when it’s all buttoned up, then you should ditch the pants and go for something looser. Wearing tight shorts or trousers not only restricts your movement but may cause digestive issues for you.

Wearing the wrong socks
If you wear socks a lot, then you really should know the proper matching socks depending on your shoes. No-show slip-on socks are perfect for low-cut loafers or ballerina shoes, while anklet socks should go with closed-toes shoes, wool or thick socks should be reserved for cold seasons.

Flip flops
While you might like padding around in your flip-flops, for the sake of your feet you might want to save it for rare occasions like when you’re heading to the beach. Flip-flops or any other low-sole slippers, do not cushion or support your feet enough, this means that your feet take more pressure and weight.

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