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Movie: The Curse of La Llorona....See our review and Download

The Curse of La Llorona is one hell of a scary movie.. despite the rates at which critics reviewed the movie, there are still many who still gave it a thumbs up... with a 5/10 star rating, The Curse of La Llorona earned over $26million on the weekend of its opening and more is to be added.

The Movie tells us of how a social worker named Anna Tate-Garcia ignored the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment in 1973 Los Angeles. Anna and her own small kids are soon drawn into a frightening supernatural realm where they are stalked by the terrifying La Llorona from the legend. Their only hope to survive La Llorona's deadly wrath may be a disillusioned priest and the mysticism he practices to keep evil at bay, could help.... where fear and faith collide.

Lets see a brief trailer to get more insight!!!

So Full of mysteries and Horror..... so please this is definitely not for kids.
The 93minutes Movie was filmed in Los Angeles, California
and was released on the 19th of April, 2019.

If you are a fan of Mysterious movies, Horror and Thrillers, THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA is your pick.

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Single Father left with only £4.61 in his account kills himself after sharing a selfie of himself crying

A single father shared a crying selfie moments before he took his life after he was left with just £4.61 in his bank account.

Phillip Herron, 34, quit his job in a factory to look after his three children. Sadly, he fell behind with rent and trying to feed and clothe his children. He ended up £20,000 in debt, including payday loans with 1,000 per cent interest.

Waiting for a payment from Universal Credit was the last straw and the single dad killed himself.
Minutes before he took his own life on March 18, he posted a picture of himself crying in his car.

Reacting to his death, his mother, Sheena Derbyshire, 54, told the Mirror it was dangerous to make families wait so long for payments when they are already desperate.

She said: "In his suicide note he said his family would be better off if he wasn’t there anymore. "He was a single dad. He was responsible. He always had money before and the kids had the best of everything." .

Sheena didn't discover how dire Phillip’s financial situation was until weeks after his death. Letters at his home detailed how much debt he was in, and he had also been served an eviction notice.

Picture of Deputy Police Commissioner killed by Shiites during a clash in Abuja

Politics Nigeria has been furnished with a Photograph of the Deputy Police Commissioner, Usman Umar Belel that was killed during a clash between Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN also known as Shiites and the Nigerian Police Force at the National Assembly area earlier today in Abuja.

He was said to have been shot while trying to pacify the protesting Shi’ite members. He later died at an undisclosed hospital and has been buried this evening according to Islamic rites.

His janaiza prayers were held about 2 hours ago at the ABUJA Central Mosque.
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Photos: Future King, Prince George Alexander Louis celebrates his 6th birthday

Future king celebrates his sixth birthday 🎂 ⚽️ The photographs of Prince George smiling in an England football shirt were taken by his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born in the private Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, at 4.24pm on July 22 2013, weighing 8lbs 6oz.

George is a fledgling tennis player and has recently had a visit from Wimbledon runner-up Roger Federer, who said “cute” George had “good technique”. 🎾 📸 The Duchess of Cambridge

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Photo: Lagos socialite, Toyin Igbira dies at 56

Alhaja Monsurat Ashabi Oluwatoyin Oyemade Rufai Abraham, widely known as Toyin Igbira in social circles, has died at the age of 56.

She died yesterday July 19th after losing the battle to a protracted illness she had been nursing for over 5 years. Late Toyin Igbira, who hit big headlines several times for controversial reasons was born on the 18th of February, 1963.

She was arrested many times for drug trafficking offences. She's been ill for over 5 years now, but about 2 years ago, there were reports that she had survived the life-threatening illness and that she had returned to Nigeria after receiving medical treatment abroad.

In her 'hay' days, popular musicians sang her praise to high heavens. Igbira owns comfortable houses in Abuja, Lagos and the United States.

Tip for having a Great Week (vol 4)

Despite how you try to become creative or to give your best in every situation you find yourself, you'll still find those out there that are hellbent of making you feel you aren't good enough. They forget or just won't appreciate the little effort you're putting in.

Today we are telling you "It is better to create something that others will criticize than to create nothing and criticize others."

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Sounds like a lot of work right? But I bet you, it's not as you do this, you'll notice that your ability to think positively in situations will increase. So don't forget NEVER CRITICIZE IF YOU CAN'T CREATE AS WELL. #BePositive

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Saturday, 20 July 2019

I didn’t believe it when my cousin Chioma told me she was dating Davido – Peruzzi confesses

Peruzzi recounted how hard it was for him to believe that his distant cousin #Chioma was dating #Davido, as he talked about how his relationship with the #DMW boss began.

According to the Peruzzi, he first got news of Chioma dating Davido after his mother's burial which was also when he noticed that Davido was always supporting his songs and brand on his social media platform.

He said, “After my mother’s burial; I was going home and someone sent me a message on Twitter, commending my song. The person asked if I remembered her. After she explained who she was, I remembered her.

She told me #Davido sent my song to her. I didn’t believe it. She further told me that they were dating and she is like my distant cousin, so I didn’t even see it coming.

"I felt like how can she be dating Davido and I wouldn’t know since. She was able to convince me after she sent me some pictures; she told me he was going to be around the next day. She invited me to his welcome party and I went there around 2 am at Club 57.

"Once Davido entered with his entourage, I was scared. He was facing me, but I didn’t know what to do. I moved to see him carefully. He looked at me and called my name. I was happy and I held him. He told me he loved my songs and that I should come to his house. That was the best night of my life. I sent #Chioma a text; that I was with him.

“I couldn’t sleep that night because I was too excited. She (Chioma) is my mother’s cousin’s daughter. But she is my cousin; that is how we refer to each other. I don’t have a proper contract with Davido; he is my guy so I am not worried about that. Some people have lived with him for years without any contract.”

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Update: IG of Police set to arrest Timi and Wife accuses them of Criminal conspiracy, falsehood, mischief and threat to life

#TimiDakolo and wife #BusolaDakolo get invitation from police. The police letter says the Force is investigating "a case of Criminal Conspiracy, Falsehood, Mischief, and Threat to life".

Here is Timi Dakolo's Reaction:

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Busola had filed a police report accusing Pastor #BiodunFatoyinbo of #COZA of rape and then released a video narrating the incident.

See Photos Below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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3 Natural makeup removers that leave your skin soft

The importance of removing your makeup before going to bed cannot be emphasized enough. Leaving makeup on to bed will clog your skin, making you prone to having breakouts- acne, blackheads, whiteheads, the entire host of the nasties. 

So, to protect your skin, take it off and wash your face. There are numerous facial wipes in the market, but we have come to resent you with other options that will not only remove your make-up but leave your skin soft and supple.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has found application in several areas, and removing make-up is one of them. Add a few drops of this oil to a cotton pad and watch. It removes all the layers of your makeup seamlessly, leaving your bare skin radiant and soft.

2. Sweet Almond oil

This oil is not as common as coconut oil, but it is just as effective. It is lightweight, non-greasy and absolutely gentle on the skin. You don’t even need a lot of it to remove your makeup.

3. Witch Hazel 

Witch hazel doubles as a toner and a makeup remover. It is lighter than the oils but also super effective in clearing makeup. 

For a radiant skin post-makeup, you can make your own makeup remover with a mix of the above ingredients in the right ratio to suit your needs.
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Dangers of using Ear Swabs (A Must Read!!)

Who would have known? It's is very true when the Bible says we cannot be saved in ignorance. Well this is an example of one.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes get itches in your inner ear, or pains, well it's because cleaned the wax protection your ear against infection.

Please my people, Don't use ear buds, (cotton buds as some people will call it) they are actually swabs used for the nose for kids, the pain from the infection is like labour pain 😢😢😢😢😢😢

How to Prevent Hearing Loss


Friday, 19 July 2019

Photo: See why Puerto Rican Activist climbed a poll to take down the US flag in the Capitol building

This is the moment a Puerto Rican activist climbs a pole in front of the capitol building to take down the USA flag.
Protesters are demanding that the Governor Ricardo Rosselló resigns after sending messages that contained sexist and homophobic language.
The protests are part of a wider frustration with the government who they’ve criticised for not doing enough following Hurricane Maria in 2017.
Large crowds have gathered in San Juan, chanting "Ricky, resign!"
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If you shed crocodile tears at my burial, my spirit flog you' - Veteran actor, Charles Olumo tell colleagues

Veteran actor, Abdulsalam Ishola Sanyaolu popularly known as Charles Olumo 'Agbako' in the Yoruba movie industry has been down with a strange ailment that rendered him incapacitated and made him disappear from the scene for some time.

The 94-year-old thespian who is now back on his feet granted an interview recently where he said, 'I have told them, and I’m also using this opportunity to inform them, that nobody should come and shed crocodile tears at my burial.

If they do, my spirit will flog them, because when I needed their help, they were nowhere to be found'. He went on to say, 'I have been sick but thank God I’m back on my feet.

My ailment was heart-related and after series of test, I was told that my heart was weak, coupled with the fact that I often forgot things, so I was placed on drugs that must be used to avoid any crisis'. When asked if he underwent any surgery, he said, 'no, the doctors said there was no way they could perform surgery on me.

They said the drugs were very essential and must not be skipped. Though, I was operated upon when I had urinary ailment recently, I’m free from that now'.

East Africans are going Furious over Beyoncé choice of West African Artists for Lion King Album.... Here are some funny comments from East Africans

With just few hours after the release of The Lion King Album, East Africans have showed great concerns regarding the featuring on non East Africans in the Movie's Album.

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Reactions to the tracklist for the Lion King Album quickly went from congratulations to complaints as some felt there was a lack of artists from different regions of Africa 🌍

Here are some interesting comments from East Africans:

What are your thoughts?

Mikel Obi takes a bow from Super Eagles.... Read what he said!!!

Egypt is a country where I’ve started and have finished my National career. In 2006 I played my first official championship for my Country.  2019 African Cup of Nations marks my last championship for National Team with Super Eagles.

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My national career started in 2003 under 17 World Cup and I’m grateful for the national team for placing me on the world arena and giving me an opportunity to show my skill and have an incredible National and International career.

At the age of 32 it’s time for me to retire from the National team and let the youth take over, who’ve done an amazing job securing a bronze medal at AFCON 2019.

Thank you to all my Nigerian supporters and to my Country for all the trust, support and love you’ve shown me over the past 15 years.

Mikel am out!l

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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Photos: Remains of the 850 years old Gothic Cathedral in Paris after the fire

These rare pictures below from inside Notre Dame Cathedral reveal the full scale of the damage.

Rather than a crowd of worshippers, it's now filled with specialist workers making the building safe.

The 850-year-old Gothic cathedral was engulfed by a fire on 15 April.

Protective nets have been hung to prevent objects falling from the roof and creating damage.

Workers wear face masks to protect them from lead poisoning that could be caused by the melted roof.

The roof and spire which both collapsed in the flames will be replaced in the restoration works.

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Nigerians surprised as Odion Ighalo retires from Super Eagles

Nigerian forward, Odion Ighalo, has announced his retirement following the Super Eagle’s third placed victory over Tunisia on night at Egypt 2019.

Odion, who is the highest goal scorer in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, informed coach Gernot Rohr of his decision before leaving to join his club in China immediately after the game.

“He had discussed his decision with the coach before the third-place match, saying that the constant abuse was taking a toll on his young family but he was advised to keep it under wraps for the moment. After the game, he gave his jersey as a souvenir to the coach, said his goodbyes and left,” a source stated.

Prior to the game, the 30-year-old posted a message on his WhatsApp status update that simply said “Final Game”.
“He has been very strong for us,” Rohr said, “And it is sad that he wants not to continue.
“But the door always is open for him any time.”

Video: Furious Groom Slaps His Bride In The Face During Their Wedding

A newlywed husband slapped his wife in front of shocked guests at a wedding ceremony. The clip, believed to have been captured in Central Asia, shows the groom angrily lashing out at his bride after she teased him by pretending to take his wedding cake away.